NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Steven Worthington

Postdoctoral Fellow Institute for Quantitative Social Science Harvard University


B.A. 2000 University of Durham (UK) M.Sc. 2002 University of Durham (UK) Ph.D 2012 New York University



Overview of Research

My research interests are focused on four major areas: (1) craniodental morphology; (2) the evolution of anthropoid primates; (3) homoplasy across mammalian taxa; and, (4) the theory and method of phylogenetic inference. Within these areas I am specifically interested in the comparative anatomy and phylogeny of extant and Miocene hominoid primates, including the extent to which the postcrania of living hominoids is the product of parallel evolution, and the sequence of character evolution in these taxa.


Worthington, S. (2004) Character analysis of hominoid trunk and forelimb morphology: synapomorphy or homoplasy? American Journal of Physical Anthropology. Supplement 38:211. (Abstract)

Worthington, S. & Read, C. (2003) Primate evolution and adaptation. Evolutionary Anthropology 12(4):164.

Worthington, S. (2003) The extent of homoplasy in the trunk and forelimb of the Hominoidea. Primate Eye 79:7. (Abstract)