NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Sarah Freidline

Postdoctoral Research Fellow Department of Human Evolution Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology


Ph.D. 2012, City University of New York



Overview of Research

I am primarily interested in the origins of modern humans, Neanderthal and their ancestors the Middle Pleistocene humans. My research focuses to provide greater insight into the phylogenetic relationships among African and Eurasian Middle Pleistocene humans, and to gain a clearer understanding of the developmental variation in cranial morphological features and their covariation with size. Additionally, my research seeks to link large-scale changes in facial growth, observed during childhood, with specific patterns at the microstructural levels in the form of bone growth and remodeling. I am trained in virtual anthropology, in particular three-dimensional image acquisition from surface and computed tomography (CT) scans, virtual fossil reconstruction and quantitative methods, such as semilandmark geometric morphometrics.