Raquel Lamela Lopez

Department of Anthropology The Graduate Center City University of New York


B.A. 2013, Queens College, CUNY




Lamela Lopez R, Williams SA, Kozma E. (2016) Scapular morphology and its implications for the

     study of locomotor behaviors in primates and carnivorans. American Journal of Physical

     Anthropology [abstract] 

Plummer TW, Ditchfield PW, Bishop LC, Louys J, Hertel F, Kingston JD, Lamela Lopez R, Forrest F

     and Vaughan A. (2016)Olduvai Gorge paleoecology: a multiproxy approach using bovid

     ecomorphological, tooth wear, and enamel stable isotopic studies. American Journal of

     Physical Anthropology [abstract]

 Lamela Lopez R, Pugh TW and Miller K. (2014) Catholic mortuary practices of the fifteenth to

     eighteenth century: a comparison between Tayasal, Peten, Guatemala and the Iberian

     Peninsula. Paper presented at the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society for American

     Archaeology, Austin.