Nicole Webb

Department of Anthropology The Graduate Center City University of New York


B.S. 2008, Florida Gulf Coast University M.S. 2010, Florida Gulf Coast University





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Webb, N.M., Harcourt-Smith, W.E.H., (2014) Covariance of the pelvis and distal limb morphology in anthropoids: A morphological integration study [Abstract]. American Journal of Physical Anthropology S58:268.

Webb, N.M., Harcourt-Smith, W.E.H., Pontzer, H. (2013) An analysis of the Ardipithecus ramidus pelvis reconstruction using 3D geometric morphometric techniques [Abstract]. American Journal of Physical Anthropology S56:287.

Webb, N., Walsh-Haney, H. (2011) Natural experiments: Suture obliteration in familial lines [Abstract]. American Journal of Physical Anthropology S53: 308.