Emma Cancelliere

Department of Anthropology The Graduate Center City University of New York


B.Sc. 2013, Biological Anthropology, University of Toronto



Website: emmacancelliere.com


Cancelliere, E.C., DeAngelis, N., Nkurunungi, J.B., Raubenheimer, D., & Rothman, J.M. (2014). Minerals in the foods eaten by Mountain Gorillas (Gorilla beringei). PLoS ONE 9(11): e112117. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0112117.

Rothman, J.M., Cancelliere, E.C., & Raubenheimer, D. (2014). Within-species variability in the microhabitats of mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei): Implications for nutrient balancing. (Abstract). 37th annual meeting of the American Society of Primatologists.

Cancelliere, E.C., Hsiao, S., Muset, S., & Atugonza, R. (2014). The impact of unrealistic primate management expectations on community support for a riverine corridor restoration project in western Uganda. (Abstract). American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Supplement 58, 89.