D. Susie Lee

Department of Anthropology New York University


B.A. 2005, Seoul National University, Child development & Anthropology M.A. 2009, Seoul National University, Anthropology



Overview of Research

My long-term goal is to understand how, why and when attachment behaviors evolved in animals. For my doctoral study I am focusing on patterns of mother-infant relationships in non-human primates.


Dubuc, C., Allen, W.L., Cascio, J., Lee, D.S., Petersdorf, M., Maestripieri, M., Winters, S. & Higham, J.P (in review). Inter- and intra-sexual selection effects on male colour ornamentation in rhesus macaques.

Lee, D.S & Hyoung R.K. (2012). The categorization of "bad animal" and its relation to animal appearances: a study of 6-year-old children's perceptions. Journal of Social, Cultural, and Evolutionary psychology 6 32-49