Homa Peninsula, Kenya


Dr. Thomas Plummer is a co-director of the Homa Peninsula Paleoanthropological Project (HPPP), an interdisciplinary paleoanthropological project investigating archeological and paleontological occurrences on the Homa Peninsula, southwestern Kenya. Survey has documented sites ranging in age from the Holocene through the late Pliocene.

The current research focus is on the Oldowan locality of Kanjera South. Excavations from 1996 - 2001 recovered rich concentrations of ca. 2.0 million year old Oldowan artifacts and fossils in several excavations, including the 175 m² Excavation 1. Approximately 3000 fossils and 4500 artifacts were lifted with three dimensional coordinates and thousands of additional fossils and artifacts were collected in spit bags and sieving, providing the first major Oldowan assemblage with both artifacts and fauna outside of Bed I/lower Bed II Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania.