Sidney Hemming

Associate Professor Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences Columbia University


Ph.D., 1994, SUNY Stony Brook




Overview of Research

As an isotope geochemist with a broad interest in the Earth Sciences, I am involved in and very much appreciate collaborations with people from a wide range of disciplines who seek me out to obtain data from my argon geochronology lab.  These projects are quite diverse, including Archean paleo-magnetism, dating ocean floor rocks, dating detrital grains of muscovite in loess deposits and their possible sources, constraining Antarctica’s climate evolution by dating ashes in the Dry Valleys, constraining the evolution of the Yellowstone hotspot by dating volcanic rocks in Idaho and Montana, projects on extension in the Basin and Range province, understanding the evolution of the San Andreas Fault zone, and dating a young volcano near Taipei Taiwan.  As a Ph.D. student I worked on developing new approaches for sedimentary provenance studies, and I have continued to introduce new approaches in the problems I have studied throughout my research career.  


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