Shara Bailey

Associate Professor Department of Anthropology New York University


B.A. 1992, Temple University M.A. 1995, Arizona State University Ph.D. 2002, Arizona State University



Tel: (212) 998-8576

Overview of Research

My primary research interests are in addressing paleoanthropological questions from a dental perspective. The major focus of my research has been Middle-Late Pleistocene hominins and modern human origins. As a postdoctoral fellow at The George Washington University I expanded my research interests to include Plio-Pleistocene hominins and apes. I have collected dental morphometric data on nearly every Neandertal and Upper Paleolithic modern human specimen available for study. I have also built an extensive comparative database of contemporary and fossil human dental morphometrics. I have recently expanded my research area to include Asia and Russia and hope to build strong collaborations with my colleagues at institutions there. I am also beginning a morphometric study of the deciduous dentition of fossil hominins, with emphasis on Neandertals and modern humans. PhD students under my supervision are working on biodistance, migration and evolution in North Africa and the Near East (Yasmine El Gabbani) and dental variation in South America and peopling of the New World (Alejandra Ortiz).

Daris Swindler (a leading primate expert) recently donated his Primate Dental Cast Collection to CSHO. The cast collection consists of more than 2000 dental casts representing every primate species known (and some non-primate relatives), as well as several human populations. Eventually, NYU plans to scan the entire collection in three-dimensions and make it virtually available for remote researchers via an internet database. The collections will provide the foundation for developing standards for scoring non-human primate dental morphological variation, for studies of human and non-human primate variation as well as studies of growth and development.


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