Mary Blair

Director, Biodiversity Informatics Research Center for Biodiversity and Conservation American Museum of Natural History Affiliated Professor Richard Gilder Graduate School American Museum of Natural History


B.A. 2005, Swarthmore College M.A. 2006, Columbia University Ph.D. 2011, Columbia University




Overview of Research


My research interests lie in the conservation biology of primates and other mammals. In particular I integrate genetic methods with spatial modeling to better understand the evolutionary processes that generate biodiversity and the influence of environmental variability on evolutionary divergence. Most recently, I am studying the diversity, evolution, and conservation of slow lorises in Vietnam. In my dissertation, I studied the relationship between landscape heterogeneity and genetic differentiation in Central American Squirrel Monkeys in Costa Rica. I am broadly trained in landscape genetics and ecology, biogeography and ecological niche modeling, behavioral ecology, and molecular phylogenetics. I teach courses on geographic information systems (GIS) for evolutionary biology, ecology and conservation at Columbia University and the Richard Gilder Graduate School at the AMNH.


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