Eleanor Sterling

Professor Department of Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology Columbia University Chief Conservation Scientist Center for Biodiversity Conservation American Museum of Natural History


B.A. 1983, Yale University M.A. 1989, Yale University Ph.D. 1993, Yale University



Website: www.columbia.edu/cu/e3b/faculty/sterling.html

Tel: (212) 769-5266

Fax: (212) 769-5266

Overview of Research

Dr. Sterling’s current research topics include biodiversity conservation and the history of land use change in Vietnam , and documenting biodiversity on Palmyra Atoll in the Pacific Ocean. She is especially interested in determining population densities and habitat use by sea turtles on the atoll to better plan for the conservation of turtle habitats and the overall management of the island. She also studies the evolution and distribution of both linguistic and biological diversity, and the connections between their conservation. In 2000, Dr. Sterling spearheaded the establishment of the CBC’s Network of Conservation Educators and Practitioners, which works to create and implement educational materials and teaching resources for biodiversity conservation at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels around the world (ncep.amnh.org).


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