Alfred Rosenberger

Professor Department of Anthropology and Archaeology Brooklyn College and The Graduate Center City University of New York


B.A. 1972, City College Ph.D. 1979, City University of New York




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Overview of Research

My main interests involve the evolution of South and Central American monkeys, and the origins and evolution of tarsiiform and of anthropoid primates. New World monkeys are one of the most diversified, endangered and understudied groups of primates. The fossil record of these monkeys has been growing rapidly in recent years, giving us the first decent glimpses of how primate evolution unfolded in that part of the world. Working with several NYCEP alums and students, I also have research projects in the Dominican Republic and Madagascar, where our team of scuba divers is collecting extinct primates and other vertebrates in submerged freshwater caves.  The work on tarsiers and anthropoid origins currently focuses on cranial development, in a collaboration with Tim Smith (Slippery Rock University) and Valerie DeLeon (Johns Hopkins).  Further information can be found on and


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