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NYCEP values black lives, perspectives, and contributions to the field of biological anthropology. Though we understand the role that our field has played in creating and perpetuating racial concepts, discriminatory policies, and systemic racism, we believe that confronting these racist and colonialist roots is only the first step in creating a more diverse and anti-racist scientific community.

As biological anthropologists, we also understand that our efforts must go further.

We must teach our colleagues and students about the unsubstantiated racist and colonial practices of biological anthropology. We must break down the barriers preventing Black people from entering and advancing in our field. Most importantly, we must support and foster a sense of community for black students and researchers already in our field, so that they may continue to enrich the academic community with their perspectives and contributions.

The Black students in NYCEP have created this page as well as the #BlackInBioAnth social media group to highlight and elevate Black excellence in a field that is historically not known for doing so. It is our goal to make our voices and accomplishments known, while building a stronger, more diverse, community within biological anthropology.

Email: blackinbioanth@gmail.com