Who should apply

NYCEP is an NSF-supported doctoral training program that equips students with the knowledge and skills to pursue a career at the cutting-edge of fields related to evolutionary primatology. Students with undergraduate degrees in physical anthropology or biology are typically best-prepared for graduate studies in our institutions; those with degrees in earth sciences or psychology may also have suitable preparation. Competitive funding packages are available for admitted students.

Students receive a rigorous interdisciplinary training in evolutionary primatology, which consists in our program of three broad research themes: (1) paleobiology and comparative morphology, (2) behavioral biology and conservation science, and (3) molecular, population and genomic primatology. This training demonstrates how research based in a solid theoretical foundation can be put to use in addressing current issues in paleobiology, human and primate evolution, conservation science, primate behavior and ecology, population genetics, genomics, molecular systematics, and human adaptation. Our aim is to graduate scientists prepared to make significant contributions in their chosen area of specialization while integrating concepts and data from allied fields in an interdisciplinary context.

To that end, we are looking for students who are passionate about research and are committed to pursuing some aspect of evolutionary primatology as a career. We expect that you are considering applying to the NYCEP program because you have research interests in common with one or more of our core faculty. Successful applicants generally possess a background in biology or physical anthropology. Most have had course work in ecology, genetics, organismal biology, skeletal biology, and statistics. Prior laboratory or field biology experience is strongly recommended. Admission to the program is competitive and students benefit from being part of a diverse and intellectually vibrant student body, are able to consult with our extensive resource faculty, have the opportunity to interact with our large and successful alumni community, as well as being able to engage with a wide range of researchers who come to visit NYCEP institutions. For details on how to apply, continue to "How to apply".

Some resources that may be of use to you in your graduate school search are: