NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Terence Capellini

Assistant Professor Department of Human Evolutionary Biology Harvard University


B.A. 1995, Binghamton University M.A. 1998, Kent State University M.Phil. 2007, City University of New York Ph.D. 2007, City University of New York




(Submitted). Capellini T.D., Di Giacomo G., Ferretti E., and Selleri L. Pbx1/Pbx2 hierarchically regulate Pax and Hox expression in the vertebrate embryonic axis. Developmental Biology.

2006. Capellini T.D., Di Giacomo G., Salsi V., Brendolan A., Ferretti E., Srivastava D., Zappavigna V., and Selleri L. Pbx1/Pbx2 requirement for distal limb patterning is mediated by the hierarchical control of Hox spatial distribution and Shh expression. Development 133(11): 2263-2273.

2006. Di Giacomo G., Koss M., Capellini T.D., Brendolan A., Popperl H., and Selleri L. Spatio-temporal expression of Pbx3 during mouse organogenesis. Mechanisms of Development 6(7): 747-757.

2006. Vidal A., Capellini T.D., Yeh N., Selleri L., Koff A., Bromage T. Cancer and Development: Two Sides of the Same Coin. In Bromage, T.G. Vidal, A., Aguirre, E., Perez-Ochoa, A., (Eds): Integrative Approaches to Human Health and Evolution: Proceedings of the International Symposium Integrative Approaches to Human Health and Evolution. New York: Elsevier.

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