NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Siobhán Cooke

Assistant Professor Center for Functional Anatomy and Evolution Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine


B.A. 2002, Barnard College, Columbia University M.Phil. 2007, City University of New York Ph.D. 2011, City University of New York


Tel: 773-442-5688

Overview of Research

My research focuses on the paleobiology and biogeography of the South American primates from the Miocene to the present. In particular, I use dental morphology to reconstruct diet and, more broadly, to better understand an animal’s ecological niche and adaptations. Using high-resolution virtual models of teeth, I collect measures of dental function and quantify shape, analyze how teeth fit together to process food, study how wear patterns differ across primates of different dietary guilds, and explore the relationship between an animal’s phylogenetic history and functional morphology.


In addition to my laboratory-based work on dental morphology, I also have two ongoing field-based paleontological projects: the first project focuses on Pleistocene cave deposits across Hispaniola, while the second is at the Miocene locality of La Venta, Colombia. While markedly different paleontologically, both projects investigate patterns of fauna distribution through time and across space with a particular emphasis on gaining a better understanding of factors contributing to extinction.


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