NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Shannon McFarlin

Assistant Professor Department of Anthropology George Washington University


B.A. 1996, Georgia State University M.Phil. 2001, City University of New York Ph.D. 2006, City University of New York



Tel: (202) 994-4245

Overview of Research

Dr. McFarlin conducts research on skeletal and dental development and microscopic anatomy, with a particular interest in its significance for revealing aspects of the growth and development, skeletal function, and environments of primates. A major focus of her current research is on primates of known life history, to examine the manner in which specific life events and environmental factors impact the developing microanatomy of bones and teeth. One goal of this work is to expand available methods for investigating the life history and behavior of humans and other primates from their fossilized remains, as well as the environmental context of their evolution.


2008    Goldman, H.M., McFarlin S.C., Cooper D.M.L., Thomas C.D.L., Clement J.G. "Ontogenetic patterning of cortical bone microstructure and geometry at the human mid-shaft femur," Anatomical Record 292(1): 48-64.

2008    McFarlin, S.C., C.J. Terranova, A.L. Zihlman, D.H. Enlow, T.G. Bromage. "Regional variability in secondary remodeling within long bone cortices of catarrhine primates: The influence of bone growth history," Journal of Anatomy 213(3): 308-324.

2003    Bromage, T.G., H.M. Goldman, S.C. McFarlin, J. Warshaw, C.M. Riggs, A. Boyde. "Circularly polarized light standards for investigations of collagen fiber orientation in bone," The Anatomical Record 2748: 157-168.