NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Lissa Tallman

Assistant Professor Department of Biomedical Sciences Grand Valley State University


B.A. 2002, George Washington University Ph.D. 2010, City University of New York



Tel: 616-331-3603


Tallman M, Almécija S, Reber SL, Alba DM, Moyà-Solà S. 2013    The distal tibia of Hispanopithecus laeitanus: more evidence for mosaic evolution in the Miocene. J Hum Evol. 64, 319-327.

Tallman M. 2013   Forelimb to hindlimb shape covariation in extant hominoids and Plio-Pleistocene hominins. Anat Rec. 296, 290-304.

Cooke SB, Tallman M. 2012. New endemic platyrrhine femur from Haiti:
description and locomotor analysis. J Hum Evol. 63, 560-567.

Tallman M. 2012. Functional morphology of the distal radius in
hominoids and fossil hominins: implications for the evolution of
bipedalism. Anat Rec. 295, 454-464.

Harcourt-Smith WEH, Tallman M, Frost SR, Rohlf FJ, Wiley DF, Delson E.
2008. Analysis of selected hominoid joint surfaces using laser
scanning and geometric morphometrics: a preliminary report. For E. J.
Sargis and M. Dagosto, eds., Mammalian Evolutionary Morphology: A
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