NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Katy Gonder

Associate Professor Department of Biology Drexel University


B.A. 1993, University of Alabama at Birmingham M.Phil. 1997, City University of New York Ph.D. 2000, City University of New York




Overview of Research

My research is focused on better understanding the evolutionary genetics of primates in western equatorial Africa. In particular, my research aims to clarify the key role that chimpanzees in Nigeria and Cameroon have played in recent chimpanzee evolution. As part of this research, I am also investigating patterns of genetic diversity in chimpanzees separated by biogeographic boundaries such as the Sanaga River, which is a major boundary that separates chimpanzees in western Africa from those in central and eastern Africa. As an extension of my research into the genetics and biogeography of chimpanzees, I am examining patterns of diversity in genes associated with HIV resistance in humans to understand the basis of the unusual pattern of SIVcpz infection among chimpanzees in Cameroon in collaboration with Dr. Caro-Beth Stewart.


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