NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Jessica Satkoski Trask

Postdoctoral Research Associate Department of Anthropology University of California, Davis


B.A. 1999, Indiana University M.Phil. 2004, Columbia University Ph.D. 2006, Columbia University



Overview of Research

Her past research focused on the population genetics of wild and captive primate populations, and developing methods for DNA extraction from non-invasive and degraded samples.  She is currently working on the identification of SNP markers and development of a high-density SNP map in the rhesus macaque, Macaca mulatta, and closely related primate species.  In addition, she is using SNP data and next-generation sequencing technologies to investigate genetic susceptibility to human disease in non-human primates.


2009  Flynn, S.,  J. Satkoski, N. Lerche, S. Kanthaswamy, D.G. Smith. Genetic variation at the TNF-α  promoter and malaria susceptibility in rhesus  (Macaca mulatta) and long-tailed (Macaca fascicularis) macaques.   Infection, Genetics and Evolution.  In Press.

2009  Satkoski, J.A., R.S. Malhi, S. Kanthaswamy, J. Johnson, V.S. Malladi, D.G. Smith. SNP-based estimates of genetic parameters vary by genomic region and discovery method: an example from the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta). Submitted.  

2009  Tom, B.K., M.T. Koskinen, M. Dayton, A.M. Mattila, E. Johnston, D. Fantin, S. DeNise, T. Spear, D.G. Smith, J. Satkoski, B. Budowle, S. Kanthaswamy. Development of a nomenclature system for canine STR multiplex reagent kit. Submitted.

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2008  Satkoski, J.A., R.S. Malhi, S. Kanthaswamy, R.Y. Tito, V.S. Malladi, D.G. Smith. Pyrosequencing as a method for SNP identification in the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta). BMC Genomics, 9:256.

2008  Kanthaswamy, S.,  J. Satkoski, D. George, A. Kou, B.J. Erickson, D.G. Smith. Interspecies hybridization and the stratification of nuclear genetic variation of rhesus (Macaca mulatta) and long-tailed macaques  (Macaca fascicularis). International Journal of Primatology. 29: 1295-1311.

2008  Kanthaswamy, S., L. Gill, J. Satkoski, V. Goyal, V. Malladi, A. Kou, K. Basuta, L. Sarkisyan, D. George, D.G. Smith. The development of a Chinese-Indian hybrid (Chindian) rhesus macaque colony at the California National Primate Research Center (CNPRC).   Journal of Medical Primatology, doi: 10.1111/j.1600-0684.2008.00305x. 

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2007  Malhi, R.S., B. Sickler, D. Lin, J.A. Satkoski, D. George, S. Kanthaswamy, D.G. Smith. MamuSNP: a resource for rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) genomics. PLoS ONE, 2: e438.

2007  Satkoski, J.A., D. George, D.G. Smith, S. Kanthaswamy. Genetic characterization of wild and captive rhesus macaques in China.  Journal of Medical Primatology.  37: 67-80.

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2001  Wolf, D.E.,  J. Satkoski, K. White, L.H. Rieseberg.  Sex determination in the androdioecious plant,  Datisca glomerata, and its dioecious sister species,  D. cannabina. Genetics 159: 1243-1257.