NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Christopher Robinson

Professor Department of Biological Sciences Bronx Community College City University of New York


Ph.D. 2003, New York University M.A. 1996, New York University B.S. 1992, University of California Berkeley



Overview of Research

I am currently working with an international team to conduct paleontological research at early Pleistocene sites in the OlteŇ£ River Valley of Romania. The focus of our research is to better understand the environmental conditions of Europe during the early Pleistocene and whether they were conducive to human dispersals into the region at this time. This would help us better understand the first human dispersals out of Africa and why humans seemingly arrived in Europe so much later than in Asia. I am also working on projects related to generating and analyzing 3D virtual specimens of fossil and extant hominoid molars in order to better identify isolated molar specimens in the human and ape fossil record. I am continuing my dissertation research exploring changes in the 3D shape of the mandible through hominoid evolution and using the mandible to better understand human evolution. Finally, I am working on a number of projects exploring the evolution of giraffes and what giraffe dispersals can tell us, if anything, about how and when humans left Africa.


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