NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Chet Sherwood

Professor Department of Anthropology George Washington University


Ph.D. 2003, Columbia University




Tel: (202) 994-6346

Overview of Research

Dr. Sherwood is a biological anthropologist interested in brain evolution and its behavioral correlates in primates and other mammals. He is a founding member of the Mind, Brain, Evolution Center, part of GW's multidisciplinary Mind-Brain Institute.

Dr. Sherwood's comparative neuroanatomical research has focused on issues related to allometric scaling at macro- and microanatomical levels, brain asymmetry and behavioral lateralization, evolutionary changes in human language area homologues, the anatomical basis of phylogenetic differences in orofacial motor capacities, and neurochemical substrates of cognitive differences among primate species.

Current research projects include: investigations of histological differences in neocortical organization of primate species, including great apes and humans; examination of the correlation between behavioral lateralization, gross anatomical asymmetries, and histological asymmetries in chimpanzees and capuchin monkeys; and exploration of the phenotypic and genotypic changes that accompany the evolution of encephalization across different mammalian groups.


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