NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Anthony Pagano

Adjunct Instructor Department of Cell Biology NYU Langone Medical Center


B.A. 2004, Queens College M. Phil. 2009, City University of New York PhD 2014, City University of New York




Journal articles

Rosenberger, AL, Pagano, AS. 2008. Frontal fusion in primates: Collapse of another anthropoid synapomorphy. Anat Rec 291(3): 308-317.

Meeting abstracts

Pagano, AS, Yang, D, Laitman, JT. 2010. Papionin models for the functional relationship between the face and osseous nasopharyngeal boundaries. FASEB J 24: 636.5.

Ahamed, T, Abramowitz, J, Pagano, AS, Marquez, S. 2010. The bilateral nature and origin of the lateral circumflex femoral artery. FASEB J 24, 447.8.                  

Laitman, B, Pagano, AS, Marquez, S, Reidenberg, JS, Laitman, JT. 2010. The sleepy Neanderthal hypothesis: Relationships among craniofacial form, obstructive sleep apnea and sleep deprivation. FASEB J 178.6.

Laitman, JT, Marquez, S, Pagano, AS, Reidenberg, JS. 2010. Beyond the bones: Reconstructing soft tissue anatomy of our ancestors. FASEB J 24, 297.5.

Narvaez, FA, Cardona, J, Pagano, AS, Marquez, S. 2010. Correlation between hard and soft tissue dimensions of the human foot. FASEB J 24, 447.5.                  

Santoriello, LM, Aibinder, WR, Pagano, A, Marquez, S. 2010. An Anatomical Comparative Study of Lower Limb Discrepancy and Scoliosis. FASEB J 24, 447.7.           

Yang, D, Pagano, AS, Laitman, JT. 2010. Long faces and small eyes: Papionin models for the relationship between orbit size and facial prognathism. FASEB J 24,636.6.

Pagano, AS, Yuan, DY, Laitman, JT. 2009. Morphologic growth of the hominoid choanae: Implications for understanding functional integration of the basicranium and respiratory tract. FASEB J 23: 648.1. [abstract]

Bergemann, AD, Pagano, AS, Reidenberg, JS, Simon, R, Balboni, AL, Laitman, JT. 2008. Skeletal variations in the Fam53A mutant mouse.  FASEB J 22: 521.2. [abstract]

Pagano, AS, Rosenberger, AL. 2007. The Metopic Suture: Collapse of another anthropoid synapomorphy.  Am J Phys Anthropol Supp 14: 183. [abstract]