NYCEP Alumnus Profile

Alejandra Ortiz

Postdoctoral Research Associate Institute of Human Origins School of Human Evolution and Social Science Arizona State University


B.A. 2003, Universidad de Lima, Universidad Catolica del Peru M.A. 2010, New York University Ph.D. 2016, New York University




2010. Ortiz, A., Skinner, M.M., Bailey, S.E. and Hublin, J.-J. Carabelli's trait expression at the enamel-dentine junction (EDJ) and outer enamel surface (OES) of Pan maxillary molars. American Journal of Physical Anthropology S50: 182-183. [abstract]

2009. Ortiz, A. and Bailey S.E. Inter- and intra-specific non-metric dental variation in great apes: implications for the study of early hominins. PaleoAnthropology: 28. [abstract]

2008. Ortiz, A. and Bailey S.E. Intra- and inter-regional dental morphological variation in South American populations. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 135 (S46): 62-63. [abstract]